Hey Taylor! I love to read through your blog when I feel down. I don't have a tumblr so sorry for being anonymus, I feel it is kind of a stigma on here... Anyways! :D I always wanted to aks you if you think about how your life could be improved being thinner? Most of the problems you seem to have resolve around fatness and tbh I always catch myself dreaming of a life as an average sized person! I lost 10 stone last summer and it made a huge difference in my life, so ya :) just wanted your opinio

The oppression I face surrounding my fatness is not caused by my fatness. The oppression I face surrounding my fatness is caused by Patriarchal systems of power that categorize and define bodies as normal vs. other, normal vs. deviant, right vs. wrong, and the list goes on. Saying that my oppression is caused by my fatness is a form of victim-blaming and is inherently oppressive. 

I do not dream of being an average-sized person because I don’t want to ever stop being fat. I love my body endlessly, and that seems to be something you and many others cannot understand about me and my relationship to my body. I’m sorry that you’ve bought into the idea that by having a smaller body, you will have a better life. I’m sorry that message is everywhere. I’m sorry that it will take back-breaking work to be able to change that. But I am not sorry for my body, and I never will be.

If I were not fat, I would still be oppressed on the basis of my being a poor Southern woman with mental illness. I would just also have to suffer through the fact that I wasn’t fat, which would undoubtedly upset me, because (one more time, for the seats in the back) I fucking love my fatness

Now you can all stop asking me this question. 

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